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Know Future Exhibition
<Street Level Electronic Media>

1 Sidney St, Sheffield, S7 4RG
. 0114 2495588
23rd February to 24th March 2001
11-7pm Wednesday to Sunday


About Know Future

We hear a lot about the future. But usually we hear just two reactions: either the apocalyptic paranoia of techno-sceptics, or the frenzied marketing hype of boosters selling their latest e-biz "solution". But the real situation's more complex than that - our hopes and fears are more subtly interlinked than these simplistic reactions. The show's title tries to encapsulate this ambiguity - on the one hand, "Know Future" suggests a confident, thoughtful analysis - on the other, a nihilistic neo-punk rant. Sci-Fi gurus may recognise "Know Future" from the dystopian film "Max Headroom", in which the phrase was the corporate slogan of the homicidal ZikZak Corporation, whose high-speed blipverts caused over-stimulated TV viewers to explode. The show takes a sideways look at the future. All the works in the show reflect some kind of view of the future - but perhaps ones more subtle than the familiar binary utopia/dystopia scenarios with which we're usually presented.

James Wallbank



Click below to view the work of exhibiting artists:

James Wallbank

Ian Newcomb

Bryony McIntyre

Richard Bakewell

Jimi Albert

Vicky Morris


If you have artwork that in any way concerns the future, and would like it added to this continuing online