Through fogged layers and vibrant colour these images seek to reveal the coded life within our computers; the static hardware coming alive with electrics and interactions. Close-up, the invisible and inaccessible inner workings of the humble PC are their flesh and bones laid bare for all to examine. Often daunted by the internal workings, these images attempt to release the blindfolded view with which we often approach our towers, cards and circuitry into curious examination and surmounted caution; an inhospitable territory now mapped and charted.

Negatives were made positive in print and hardware was made negative by taking the photographic process back to it’s source with mechanical stereograms. Both these opposing processes were merged together digitally, with a canny eye for beauty, pattern and spontaneous chaos for a common purpose. With positive and negative processes combined in a digital format the relationships between light, photography and digital imaging are fused and solidified.


Briony 1
Briony McIntyre (1 of 3)

Briony 2
Briony McIntyre (2 of 3)

Briony 3
Briony McIntyre (3 of 3)


Bryony McIntyre has been in pursuit of mundane but interesting images since the mid-nineties; seeking to reveal dichotomies and double-edged swords in arresting colour and forms. After completing a BA in Film and Photography at Sheffield Hallam University she continues to make Yorkshire her home and is currently studying at The Sheffield College.


  • Real and Imagined: New Photography in Sheffield, The Workstation, July 1998.
  • Sliding Forms, Cameo Cinema Festival Exhibtion, August 1998
  • Departure Lounge, Cameo Cinema, April 1999
  • Out of Focus, Showroom Cinema , May 1999